Climate change – worldwide

Climate change is a global issue that needs the full attention of all the world’s leaders. It is also something that individuals can help with. No matter how small our contribution, we can all reduce our carbon footprint.

The ice caps are melting and when we think of this, we often think of animals like polar bears and penguins. The Gyr falcon is probably not a species that comes to mind as being affected by the changes in this unique habitat, but it is. Check out these conference papers by the Peregrine Fund

As mentioned in the Climate Change section of the UK page, we can all impact climate change in our use of resources for renewable and non-renewable energy. For example, wind turbines kill birds of prey, as well as other birds, and also power lines take the lives of many large birds of prey including vultures.

(c) Andy Williams

It is important to remember that everything we do leaves a mark on both the environment and the species with which we share the planet. Watch our blog for updates on how climate change affects birds of prey in a modern world.