Habitat loss – Worldwide

As already highlighted throughout this site, habitat is the single most important thing for any bird of prey. There are approximately 313 species of diurnal birds of prey and 254 owls covering almost every continent (Striated Caracara edge into Antarctica).

Habitat loss is occurring globally from global warming, deforestation, draining of natural resources affecting habitats and transport infrastructure being built dissecting habitats. The growing human population means we are constantly taking more and expecting more. Birds of prey, like everything else in the natural world, are feeling the pressure.

One species which highlights this is the Philippine eagle one of the worlds largest eagles but sadly also one of our rarest. This eagle is classed as critically endangered due to a rapid decline in the last 50 years, the current figures stand at potentially less than 500 individuals and this is mainly down to habitat loss. Another factor which correlates with deforestation is also mining the forests for natural resources, all of this by the hands of humans at the cost of the birds and other species.

We need to understand how we can be sustainable and support habitats around the world if we want to continue with the number of birds of prey listed above. We intend to support conservation projects working directly with species facing habitat loss. Follow our news page for updates. In the meantime, a great organisation to follow is the World Land Trust.