Nest boxes for schools scheme – Build your own nest box


Nest boxes don’t just provide a home for birds of prey but also offer an opportunity for individuals to learn about the requirements of a specific species. Raptor Aid have painstakingly developed a unique slot together nest box that makes it safe for children of all ages construct one without the need for tools. Once the box has been constructed it can be sited where suitable habitat is available for the target species, this may be in the schools own grounds.

Under the watchful eye of a Raptor Aid team member the children will learn about the target species the nest box is aimed for, why nest boxes play an important role in conservation and why habitat is important when siting your nest box. Once the nest box is in place it will become part of a nationwide nest box scheme that the school can learn about year on year.

Age range

Key stage 1 – 4 & Further education

Key topics

Sciences/Design Technology/Geography

Outline objectives

Understanding Target species requirements

Habitat monitoring

Nest box construction

Learning outcomes

Understanding of the environment around them

How we interact and impact other species

Team work in construction


This activity can link with owl pellet dissections, habitat surveys, debates and written assignments, small mammal monitoring

To book this session for your school please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.