Chasing a true love……

We all have our favourite things right? Pizza, wine, TV shows or a place to visit. When you have a passion in life its all consuming, and for me its … Read more

Update 2020

Apologies the site has been silent for a long time…… I love blogging but I suppose moving with the time (Or at least I think I am) social media is … Read more

Doom & Gloom………

I never quite know how to word blogs on todays theme, who is actually reading it (if anyone at all before anyone says it) and what is their knowledge of … Read more

Rescues and raptors………..

It’s pretty miserable outside so I’m sat in my kitchen writing another blog which is a novel thing, they are like buses now, nothing for months and now two in … Read more

New year

A new year and a new set of objectives and plans to move forward or resolutions if you’re a normal person. It’s no different here at Raptor Aid, the festive … Read more

The little people

I’m not going to lie its hard work trying to get everything done. Setting up as a charity has been a life long dream but it doesn’t make it any … Read more