What’s that pellet?

Have you ever come across an owl pellet? bit of a strange question really but if you did would you know what your looking at and how monitoring them can … Read more

New nest box tags

Check out our smart new nest box tags, these will be attached to all our future nest boxes to aid us in monitoring and also tells people where they can … Read more

A tracking good time

A question I have been asked hundreds of times whilst working with birds of prey is have you ever lost a bird and how did you get them back. Well … Read more

Whats occurring

Silence is golden or in my case it usually means mischief! Well at the moment I’m busy planning events for 2016 and discussing ideas with various organisations who seem interested. … Read more

Give me birds……

The other day someone asked me where they could go to see birds of prey in the wild? I paused for a moment and had a flash of memories whizz … Read more

So what’s it all about?

Well many thanks for taking the time to visit the Raptor Aid website! My name is Jimmi Hill the creator and main driving force behind Raptor Aid and an absolute … Read more