Owl Pellet Project

Thanks for taking part in our big owl pellet dissection project and more importantly submitting your data which will help ourselves and the Mammal Society better understand the ecology of both birds of prey such as Barn owls and the small mammals they often prey upon.

This data will be held securely and confidentially and at some point when a large enough dataset is gathered will help us better understand the relationships between predator/prey and the habitats they require to support healthy populations of both.

Complete the simple form below taking care to submit the correct number of prey species you have found in your owl pellets. Each pellet has a code which can be found on your record card provided with the pellet(s) – please make sure you complete a separate submission for each code if you are working in a group or a class.

Example –
One pellet with the code CP102 and one from CP103 – submit anything found in these two pellets on separate forms as these pellets are from different locations.
20 pellets with the code CP104 – submit all of these pellets together as they all come from the same location known as CP104.
These unique codes are specific to the location where the pellets have come from and so it is important that pellets with different codes don’t get mixed up and data is not submitted on the same form if the pellets have different codes.