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Little Owl Nest Box – Raptor Aid

Little Owl Nest Box


The design of our Little owl box is based on the well known and widely used Bob Sheppard design which is endorsed by the British Trust for Ornithology. It is light and easy to fix to a structure such as a tree or side of a building and perfectly suitable for the British weather. Alternatively you can fix this box within a building. The entrance hole is set high to allow access via a dark narrow tunnel which limits the chance of a chick fledging prematurely and created a dark chamber Little owls prefer. Internally the box is large enough to allow room for a healthy brood of chicks to develop and also accommodate an adult bird. The entrance tunnel also offers a roosting spot for the male. There is a purpose built ledge on the front to allow the adults easy access and for fledging youngsters to use as a launchpad and landing spot as they fledge. An access door is placed on the box to allow you easy access internally for cleaning out and monitoring. Full instructions are provided for fixing, care and maintenance of your Raptor Aid nest box.

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Each box is made from 15 mm Duraply which has been sourced from sustainably grown European timber plantations. By using 15 mm Duraply this will give you a stronger and longer lasting nest box. Timber nest boxes can still be sustainably sourced and we have worked very hard to make sure we do not use timber which have been sourced from further afield – many plywoods are shipped in from South America and Asia. The roof is coated with a silver aluminium paint which helps to protect it against the elements, is non toxic to wildlife once dry and won’t need reproofing. You don’t need to treat your nest box with a wood preservative but should you wish to we recommend using a non toxic pet friendly product such as Cuprinol.


Each of our nest boxes has been painstakingly designed and developed with experts who use the boxes within the field of conservation. Nest boxes can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the target species but you can rest assured Raptor Aid’s nest boxes are safe and long lasting because we use them ourselves and they have our name on the box. The boxes are machine cut for complete accuracy and to minimise any waste of materials. They are hand made in the UK by a small family run business with over 30 years experience as a master craftsman.


Raptor Aid has taken great care in working with our supplier to make sure that the nest boxes we sell have as small a carbon footprint as possible. The timber is sustainably sourced and has limited travel miles to the workshop, it is machine cut to minimise wastage and is made from a timber which will last a long time in the British environment. The boxes are then shipped direct from our supplier to the customer to limit our carbon footprint using a carbon neutral courier.

Recycled plastic boxes are becoming increasingly available and Raptor Aid loves the idea but feels there needs to be a lot more research carried out in terms of heat and condensation stress tests before we start endorsing and supplying them.

Postage and Packing

There is a £15 postage and packing charge. If you wish to buy multiple boxes please contact us for a bespoke, cheaper postage price.


Additional information

Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 380 × 330 × 310 cm