Sponsor a Barn Owl nest box


A £100 donation to Raptor Aid – We couldn’t do what we do without your generosity. All of our work is funded with your donations – from nest box schemes helping British birds of prey, to supporting some of the rarest birds of prey
conservation projects globally. Your money goes straight to the heart of bird of prey conservation!



Not everyone is in the position to put up a nest box but many people would like to know they have contributed something to helping British wildlife. Our Nest site adoption scheme enables people to make a one off donation and know that the donation will pay for one of Raptor Aid’s purpose built nest boxes or baskets to be constructed and put up for their chosen species. You have the choice of which species you would like to help and will receive an information pack and certificate with your uniquely numbered nest box or basket.

Raptor Aid will then find a suitable location for your nest box or basket and put it in place ready for the next breeding season. Updates of nest boxes will be shared on our blog and a quarterly e-newsletter you can sign up for.

Barn owl, Tawny owl, Little owl & Kestrel nest boxes – £100 donation

Long Eared owl or Hobby basket – £50 donation

Alternatively if you have a school who you think would benefit from taking part in our nest boxes for
school scheme why not contact us to arrange sponsoring a visit from Raptor Aid and a classroom
session constructing their own nest box for their local area?