The biggest part of Raptor Aid is education and we believe no matter how young or old you are there is always something new to learn, especially when it comes to birds of prey. That is where we want to help you; we have been working with schools and colleges for a number of years now and we tailor each session to your individual needs.

Birds of prey can fit into a huge range of the curriculum and be pitched to each key stage.  We also try and make our sessions interactive and connected to conservation.  Conservation is at the forefront of what we do and, because we know the future lies with children, we want to link children with direct conservation projects.  Our two main ideas are below and we’d love for you to get involved.

  1. Nest boxes for schools scheme – Build your own nest box – This is our flag ship school project allowing children the chance to take part in hands on conservation that will reap results and cross many sections of the the curriculum. Our uniquely developed flat pack nest boxes allow your children to safely construct a nest box that can then be placed up to benefit the target species and become part of a nationwide nest box scheme. Click on the title above to find out more.
  2. The Big Owl Pellet Dissection Project – Get your magnifying glass and tweezers out to delve into an interactive world of ecology and science that compliments our nest box scheme perfectly. You may have dissected owl pellets before in class but you won’t have gone into the detail Raptor Aid will show you and then add the data the children have uncovered into our own pellet database to create real scientific results. Click on the title above to find out more.
  3. Twinning schools with conservation – There are fantastic conservation projects taking part across the globe from Europe to Asia and Raptor Aid is busy creating contact with as many as possible.  We want to encourage schools and their pupils to engage safely with schools from other countries to discuss conservation and share experiences from each country.  Twinning projects take a commitment from each school but can be incredibly rewarding.  To find out about this project please contact us.
  4. Conservation Crisis Classroom Workshops**Coming Soon – Sept 2019**


Educating the future generation