Do you arrange talks for a group or organisation and need a passionate, informed teacher? Well I (Jimmi) have been giving talks covering a wide range of topics relating to birds of prey for a number of years and it’s something I find incredibly important and enjoyable. Every audience is different and the subject of birds of prey so broad; it’s never easy to suggest a specific talk for your group, but I do have some areas that I have previously covered which might interest you below.

  • Monitoring British birds of prey
  • The Philippine Eagle – Saving the worlds rarest eagle
  • Birds of prey – Culture, Past & Present
  • Identifying raptors
  • Owls & owl pellets (interactive)

As Raptor Aid evolves, we will be adding new talks based on conservation projects and the work of Raptor Aid.  Please keep an eye on the blog for future details or contact us directly.

Raptor Identification Day led by Jimmi (2015)


Field led session looking at habitats and monitoring