Twinning Schools with Conservation projects

Through our conservation work and subsequent contacts with various organisations around the world we can offer your school the chance to twin with an international school and allow the children to communicate with other students about how they are helping to save birds of prey in their country.

Twinning for a UK school works best when your students take part in one of our current school projects and then has something to share with the international pupils they are twinned with. A list of some of the activities below you can take part in are listed below.

  • Direct fundraising for specific projects e.g. Collecting old rucks sacks for Philippine Forest Guards
  • Pupils writing letters/e-mails explaining the conservation of an endemic species or conservation project
  • Art work displaying local conservation work
  • Friendly debates on the conservation of raptor species

Currently we have the facility to twin UK schools with schools and pupils in the Philippines to help each other learn about the diverse and rich differences in wildlife and cultures. Twinning schools is often a long term project and is very much dependant on the schools driving this with the support of Raptor Aid.

If you are interested in the idea of twinning you school and the pupils sharing their conservation experiences please contact us direct to discuss further.