Wind turbines & Power lines

Poorly positioned wind turbines and power lines in the past are having a terrible effect on certain species of birds of prey. Wind turbines positioned in major flight paths of our larger species of eagles and vultures and close to breeding sites are having huge impacts. In California where thousands of wind turbines have been constructed over the years a variety of species of birds of prey are killed each year. Take a look at the image below.

Power lines are equally devastating to birds of prey and one species which has been hit incredibly hard is the Saker falcon. Saker falcons and other birds of prey use the power line arms as perches and sadly end up being electrocuted,  in Hungary Bird life International found that over 30,000 falcons were being killed every year by the pylons leading to the falcon being classed as endangered. Thankfully power companies are now working with conservationists to install insulators on power lines. We will aim to keep you updated on developments but you can read more here.