Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are just one strategy in an attempt to relieve some of the climate change pressures we have on the planet.  The UK, when compared to other nations, has only a small percentage of wind turbines but numbers are increasing steadily.  Despite the green credentials of wind power and turbines, they do have an impact on nature and, particularly, birds of Prey.

It has been well documented that poorly sited turbines can effect Birds of Prey by disturbance, habitat loss and direct collisions, throughout the world.  The RSPB monitor hundreds of applications for wind turbines in the UK but, it is alleged, they also make money from wind turbines!–windfarm-giants-turbines-accused-destroying-rare-birds.html

You can find out more about wind turbines and the potential threats to birds of prey by visiting Mark Duchamp’s page.

The video below is graphic and shows a Griffon vulture being struck by a turbine!