Throughout the year, Raptor Aid will be running practical workshops relating to birds of prey and their conservation.  These workshops are aimed at anybody with an interest in birds of prey and aim to educate and encourage proactive conservation and enjoyment.  The list below shows the workshops we currently run.  If you have a specific request, please contact us, or if you wish to book us for your own event.

  • Bird of prey nest box workshop – Learn about the benefits of a nest box specifically built for a bird of prey.  What type of box works for what species and where to place the box, have a go at building your own nest box safely.
  • Owl pellet dissection workshop – You don’t have to be a child to enjoy dissecting owl pellets.  Dissecting an owl pellet can deliver an incredible insight into the world of the owl but also the wider environment.  By studying owl pellets we can understand the general state of the habitat surrounding the owl and how we can manage it.
  • Raptor Identification workshop – Have you ever wondered what that flash of bird was over your garden fence or that large brown bird sat in the same tree when you walk your dog?  This workshop is geared around helping you identify British birds of prey and how to understand their individual habits and flight styles.
  • Owl prowl – Delve into a world alien to ours – the majority of British owls become active after nightfall.  This workshop allows us to investigate in greater detail the nocturnal habits of British owls responsibly and safely.  Along the way, we will look and listen out for any resident owl activity.


    Owl Pellet Dissection Workshop

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If you require a more detailed description of the above or to discuss your own personal requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.